We have purchased a fully re-furbished Sun model 400 Distributor Analyser direct from the USA. This service is specialised and unique to Townsville and is not offered by any other automotive workshop in the area. We can test all points ignition systems regardless of make & model, Petronix, Mallory Unilite, MSD ready to run and Chev HEI can also be tested on this machine. We can also calibrate various electronic pulse generated (pick-up coil) systems using our pulse generator. If we can isolate the pick-up coil wires, we can run the distributor in the machine and re-calibrate it.

The Sun 400 is used to check the performance of the ignition distributor and ensure the advance mechanisms are working correctly and to specifications. It is also used to re-calibrate advance curves for engines that have been modified.

Our service ranges from just a re-calibration to a full rebuild or repair as required.  

No need for an appointment if you are dropping the distributor at our workshop. An appointment is necessary if you want us to remove, re-condition, refit & adjust the timing or you would like us to diagnose your problem to ensure it is in fact the distributor at fault.

If you are out of town then the best method to ship the distributor to us is by   http://www.e-go.com.au   or by Australia post.

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