The modern car relies on computers to run the engine as well as control many other components that are now incorporated into the vehicle be it for safety or comfort. Generally there are more than just one computer hidden somewhere within the vehicle. Our latest state of the art Carmen AT tablet can communicate with all the different systems fitted to the majority of vehicles in Australia today. It communicates by pluging into the 16 pin OBDII connector located generally in close proximity of the steering column of most vehicles. We are able to see any DTC codes, stored in the system for engine, ABS, SRS, BCM, TCS to mention a few, as well as view live data as it is happening.

Not all systems are the same, they differ from each manufacturer, but the Carmen AT is  capable of testing most of them.

If your check lamp remains on or you have seen it flash on while driving, then it has detected a fault somewhere in the electronic system of the vehicle. If the check light remains on, then you have a major fault & this should be investigated as soon as possible to determine the problem and get it rectified before it compounds and causes collatoral damage to other components and then becomes more expensive to repair.

If you would like to have your electronic systems checked with our Carmen AT tablet, please book your vehicle in at a time suitable to you.

This service is included FREE as part of our logbook servicing program for EFI equipped vehicles.

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