If your contemplating fitting a set of individually adjustable roller rockers then one option is to install screw-in studs so that each rocker will sit on its own stud as they do in the older Holden red engines. The most common studs used have a 7/16" UNC base thread that screws into the cylinder head. These are the strongest set-up. The existing rocker pedestal bolt hole needs to be drilled & tapped to accept the heavy duty stud. However the drilled holes must be accurately drilled and tapped to keep all the studs perfectly aligned. We have the precision jig that is needed to ensure the holes and threads are tapped square.  

Please supply us with the cylinder head stripped otherwise extra charges will apply for us to strip the assembly.

We can also supply the screw-in shoulder studs either fitted and locked or supply loose for you to fit.

Locals to Townsville area can drop the head off without an appointment, we will do our best to have it ready the next day.

If you are out of town then the best method to ship the cylinder head to us is by   http://www.e-go.com.au  Use our address above to get a quote. We will return by the same courier.

If you intend shipping your head to us, please ensure it is well packaged and the package can be re-used for its return.

173/202 cylinder head with studs fitted

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