www.MBS.id.au is Mikes personal site he developed many years ago. There is a section there which covers his working career in more detail as MBS Tuning back in the '80's. He has been complimented many times for his efforts in writing articles on various mechanical components around the vehicle. Currently everything is written for old school vehicles, basically carburetted cars with distributors pre 1990. He hopes you enjoy looking through the articles and develop an appreciation for the older technologies used. Eventually he will start to discuss more modern mechanics as time permits him to do so, but in saying that he thinks he will be more involved with developing the business for quite some time to come.


The cycle has now gone full circle. MBS is back in business, joined now by his family and trading as MBS-auto. Mike offers Older Vehicle Technology expertice and he is not totally uncomfortable when it comes to later model vehicle knowledge.


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